3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Golf GPS Watch


If you are an avid golfer, you have probably read about or seen advertisements for GPS golf watches, maybe you have even tried one on or done some research on your own. If you haven’t heard of them, it could be helpful to learn more abut these awesome new tools for golf because  you are missing out on the numerous benefits they offer.

Can a GPS golf watch help you improve your scores?  It will not improve your swing, that would naive to think it could.  However, a golf watch can provide some very helpful data that you can use to make better decisions, understand your distances better, and navigate the course better by helping to identify hazards and trouble areas that lie ahead.  In this post, we will share our top 3 reasons why you should include a golf watch to your arsenal of tools.

  1. Accurate Distances – Golf is a game that’s all about measurement of distances. A quality golf watch allows you to make long and short shots with high precision and eliminates guesswork. It will help reduce the time that you take assessing distances when playing golf. Getting the distance accurately will help you improve the quality of your game since you will make better choices in regards to club selection.
  2. Reduce Handicap – Golf watches are not mandatory. However, beginner golfers often have a poor learning curve with regards to improving their golf handicaps. You will find it easy to enjoy your game with a golf watch because you are spared from the stress of manual calculations and guesswork on the course. You will thus have more room to concentrate on the accuracy of your shots.
  3. Understanding Your Range – You can know how far or short you are from the accurate yardage with each shot if you have a golf watch. If you do it manually, you might not get an accurate measurement of the range since you are likely to overestimate or underestimate the distance.  The better golf watches on the market will remove all of the guess work, allowing you to trust the number and make the correct club selection.

The Bottom Line

A golf GPS watch is an invaluable tool for any serious golfer and the reasons why have been discussed here. Once you get used to this device, you will find it hard to play without it. It will help you make the right decisions when playing and with the ease of use and affordability, you will ultimately become a better golfer.

When you begin your search, stay away from some of the lesser known brands.  While you might pay a little more up front, it will be well worth it to know you are getting a watch you can trust in regards to yardages, while feeling confident that it’s durability will stand up to whatever you throw it’s way.

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